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MINUTES – April 5, 2014 Monthly Meeting


Present:  Tony Badman, Michelle Bodin-Hettinger, Dan Caruso, Babara Fenby, Bob Gregoire, Danielle Gregoire, Joan Gregoire, Lee Hettinger, Kirk Hurley, Karen Leighs, Ed Pastor, Eric Rutan, Janet Rutan, Alison Serrano, Barbara Shapiro, Diane Stevens, Jayne Wilson.


Guests:  Jamie Eldridge, Marion Ryan


1.  Call to Order:  Alison Serrano 9:10 a.m.


2. Guest Speaker: Jamie Eldridge - Single Payer Healthcare


3. Introduction of new officers: Alison Serrano introduced the newly elected officers.


4. State Convention - Delegate Fees: Reminder that delegate fees are due by Friday 11th April.


5.  M & W Breakfast: Members are encouraged to attend this event which will be held on Sunday 13th April, 10:00 - noon at the Portuguese Club in Hudson.  Tickets are $25/head and payment can be made by check to George LaVenture, 346 Brigham Street, Marlborough or online at


6.  Standing Committees:  the following people either volunteered or were volunteered in their absence:


6.1 Bylaws Committee: Tony Badman, George LaVenture, MaryLou Vandini


6.2 Events Committee: Dan Caruso, Joan Gregoire (Holiday Party only:  Diane Stevens, Barbara Shapiro)


6.3 Communications Committee: Tony Badman (Writing: Jayne Wilson)


     Any other members who are willing and able to help out with our committees, please contact Alison Serrano.


7.  Marlborough Council:  as followup to the Executive Committee meeting, Alison Serrano stated that one of the committee's long term goals is to elect more Democrats onto the City Council.  It was acknowledged that a great deal of work needs to be done in order to achieve this and that further discussions need to take place.


8.  Memorial Day Breakfast: Kirk Hurley suggested that we organize a Breakfast to coincide with the Memorial Day parade with proceeds shared between MDCC and the Tom Hill Memorial Fund.  It was pointed out that there are a number of Breakfast events organized by others on this day, but that a Lunch after the parade might be a good alternative.


Respectfully submitted by Tony Badman, Secretary


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