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Elections & Voting 2021

          Municipal Election

Voter registration for Municipal primary ends Sept. 15, 8PM                                

Last day to apply by mail for Absentee Ballot for primary 11/29/21

Primary--  10/5/21 7am - 8pm


Voter registration for Municipal Election ends Oct 13th, 8pm

Last day to apply by mail for Absentee Ballot for Municipal 

Election --10/27/21, 5pm

Municipal Election Nov 2, 2021, 7am - 8pm












                         NOTE:  Presidential Office  - Elected every 4 years

                                      U.S. Senators          - Elected every 6 years

                                      State Senators &     - Elected every 2 years, even yrs, 


                                      Municipal                 - Elected every 2 years, odd yrs.

                                       (mayor, council, selectman)

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