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2016-12-03 Monthly Meeting

Saturday, December 3, 2016 9:00 to 11:00 AM

Marlborough Public Library (Bigelow Auditorium)

35 West Main Street

Marlborough, MA 01752

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  • Bring Meeting to Order

  • Approval of November Minutes

  • Treasurer’s Report - George LaVenture

  • Committee Reports –

    • ​Holiday Party-Barbara Shapiro (income&expenses ​incurred)

  • Items for Agenda ?

  • Chairman’s Notes:

    • ​Standing Committees and Chairs:

      • ​​Holiday Party Chair - Kirk Hurley, ex officio Rules​​​​Chair

      • ​​Heritage Days Chair  - Dan Caruso

      • ​​Labor Day Parade Chair  -

      • ​​Out Reach Committee (State Mandated) - Barbara​​​​Allen will work w/our State Outreach Chair,​​​​Rosalind Baker

    • New Committees to Add:

      • ​​Voter Registration  -

      • ​​Education  -  Dan Caruso and Michelle Hettinger

      • ​​Publicity  -  Jayne Wilson

      • ​​Membership  -  Barbara Allen, liaison to ward​​​​​chairs

      • ​​Programs (speakers) -  

      • ​​Projects (for MDCC awareness)  -​​

  • Old Business

    • ​State Democratic Chair Election Result  - Gus Bickford​

    • ​Alice Wertheimer  - Speaking on importance of additional​​ Committees.​ Recommendation of a book by Robert​​​​​Reich that applies to our current political/economic​​​situation

  • New Business

    • Vote to Approve​ - Meet and greet your State Rep!​ Beginning with January Meeting​ Danielle Gregoire and Carmine Gentile have agreed to ​meet alternate months (Carmine begins with Jan mtg) to ​stay one hour following our meeting tospeak to their ​constituents.

    • Will offer opportunity to Jamie Eldridge ​and Nikki Tsongas.

  • Call to Adjourn


Minutes coming soon


Minutes (draft)




  • Officers: Kirk Hurley, Chair; Barbara Allen, Vice Chair; Dan Caruso, Vice Chair; Debbie Doucette, Secretary

  • Members: David Doucette, Alison Serano, Doug Pizza, Carmine Gentile, Joan Gregoire, Danielle Gregoire, Barbara Shapiro, Alice Wertheimer, Lee Hettinger, Peter LaPrade, Catherine Hendry


Call to order - Kirk Hurley


  • Meeting was called to order at 9:15 AM​


Minutes of previous meeting (October 8, 2016)


  • Accepted.


Treasurer’s Report


  • The balance is currently $706.41. The full report is here (submitted by George LaVenture, Treasurer).


Officers Reports


  • Chair

    • Kirk asked the group if we should take a stand on the four state ballot questions and publish it before the election on November 8. The group responded with a negative vote.


Committee Reports


  • Holiday Party Committee Report

    • Up to $200 appropriated for the party

    • Elected officials will be invited by Kirk and others

    • Date: Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

    • Location: Clubhouse, at the Villages at Crane Meadow, 7 Canterbury Way, Marlborough, MA

    • Functions were discussed. Responsibilities: Danielle Gregoire: beverages, Barbara Allen and Danielle: set up, Danielle and Debbie Doucette: cleanup, Barbara and Diane Stevens: food.

    • Suggested donation: $10

    • Donation of canned goods for Marlborough Food Pantry

    • Kirk Hurley will give a head count about a week beforeChristmas decorations will be provided by the condo association

  • Heritage Day Committee Report

    • Jeopardy game run by Kirk drew a big audience. Good idea.

    • Was a success in spite of the rain

  • Labor Day Parade Committee Report

    • Ice cream a success

    • Got quite a few registrations (number ???)


Old or Unfinished Business


  • December meeting on December 3, 2016 starting at 9:00 AM at the Marlborough Public Library, Bigelow Auditorium


New Business

  • Description of dealing with the Massachusetts State Committee - Kirk

    • We were not on their list because of an administrative problem - we were pending so we didn’t get turf lists for canvassing.

    • Problem is now solved (much time spent by Kirk)

  • Request to the City Clerk’s office to change process so that everyone on the ballot who were elected would be individually notified. - Kirk

    • City Clerk’s office agreed to do this.

    • Question: Will ward chairs and the City Committee Chairs be notified???

  • Budget and Calendar for next year

    • George, Debbie, and Kirk will work on this and have it ready by the February meeting

  • Report on the Election of officers for the Massachusetts State Committee - Sue Kennedy

    • The following are running for Chair: Steve Tompkins, Steve Kerrigan, and Gus Bickford

    • The election is on November 14, 2015 in Quincy, MA. (see Kate’s email)

    • There was a discussion of the candidates by Sue and Danielle.

    • A request was made to invite the new Chair to the Holiday Party.

    • There was a discussion that we need to be more active in communicating with the State Committee.

    • Sue spoke about how the members of the State Committee were elected by caucus or ballot.

  • Standing Committees for the MDCC

    • Sue Kennedy pointed out that there is a State-mandated Outreach Committee.

    • Comment that Rosalind Baker is our Chair. Barbara Allen said she’d participate and also do Membership

    • Kirk asked that there be at least the following three standing committees:

      • Holiday Party Committee

      • Labor Day Parade Committee 

      • Heritage Day Committee

    • Alice asked that we get serious about other standing such as communication and infrastructure committees. Discussion of those deferred to the next meeting.




  • Kirk adjourned the meeting at 11:00 AM

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