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Next Meeting

Saturday, November 5, 2016 9:00 to 11:00 AM

Doucette's House

17 Arcadia Circle

Marlborough, MA 01752

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Agenda (Draft)


  • Call to Order

  • Introductions

  • Minutes from last meeting, Oct. 8, 2016

  • Treasurer’s Report - George LaVenture

  • Committee Reports:

    • Holiday Party Status

    • Chairman’s Notes

    • Other Reports, if any

  • Old Business

    • Labor Day Report – Summary: Diane Stevens; Number of Voter Registrations

    • Heritage Days Report – Summary: Dan Caruso

    • Proposal for Standing Committees

  • New Business

    • Discussion of the four ballot questions

    • Discussion of a possible equest to City Clerk's office to change process of notifying the Ward Chairs about being elected.

  • Adjourn




Marlborough Democratic City Committee

Regular Monthly Meeting on December 3, 2016

Minutes – Draft




  • Officers: Kirk Hurley, Chair; Barbara Allen, Vice Chair; Dan Caruso, Vice Chair; Debbie Doucette, Secretary

  • Members: David Doucette, Alison Serano, Doug Pizza, Carmine Gentile, Joan Gregoire, Danielle Gregoire, Barbara Shapiro, Alice Wertheimer, Christopher Laurent, Lee Hettinger

  • Visitors: Peter LaPrade, Catherine Hendry


November Minutes:


  • Approved with correction of Michelle Bodin-Hettinger’s name.


Treasurer’s Report:


  • Balance as of 11/20/16--$706.47 (report delivered prior to meeting with no treasurer attending.


Committee Reports:


  • Holiday Party Committee – Barbara Shapiro. Financial results will be on January’s Agenda. The MDCC acknowledged Barbara for her excellent work on the Holiday Party.



Old Business:


  • State Democratic Chair Election Result: Gus Bickford was re-elected

  • Alice Wertheimer suggested 3 additional committees:

    • Infrastructure: MDCC’s procedures need to be established to support all other committees

    • Communications: Includes social media, traditional media, outreach to other town committees. (Publicity&Public Relations?)

    • Visionary: “ Who are we?” What are our values? What do we agree or disagree on?

  • Doug Pizza suggested a Platform be created for our group.

  • Alice recommended a book “Tales of a New America” by Robert Reich, pub in 1987. The author predicts the world’s current political/economic situation nearly 30 years ago. Good book for discussion.


Notes - none at this time


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