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2016-08-06 Monthly  Meeting

Saturday, August 6, 2016 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

Marlborough Public Library (Story Book Room)

35 W. Main St., Marlborough, MA 01752

















  • Call to Order

  • Minutes of Last Meeting (if available)

  • Treasurer's Report (if available)

  • Chairman's Notes

  • Committee Reports

  • Old Business

  • New Business

  • Adjourn

Minutes (draft)


Members Present:  Kirk Hurley; Chair, Debbie Doucette, Secretary, Dan Caruso, Barbara P. Allen (Pellegrini), David Doucette, Alice Wertheimer, Danielle Gregoire, Barbara Shapiro, Diane L. Stevens, Michael Ossing, Rosalind Baker Lisa Boles Charlotte Holly, Babs Fenby, Sue Kennedy and Christopher S. Lorant (?)


Meeting called to order by Kirk Hurley at 9:15AM


Treasurer’s Report: No Report


Chair Notes: 


Project Progress Report


Handed out voter registration packets to be used as a tool in recruiting party members and registering new voters.


Ward chairs of 1, 4, 5 & 7 have not been showing up at meetings.  Need to contact them


Labor Day Parade – Monday 9/5/16


Committee Head – Kirk Hurley

Confirmed with Rowe’s Funeral Home that we have the space on their lawn for our registration table along with Ice Cream from Trombettas


Labor Day begins at 12 noon --  plan on being at our table by 1:30 when people begin marching through ending around 4pm.


There will be certain streets closed during the parade—don’t know which ones at this time


Early Voting


Early Voting Rules from Secretary of State will apply to Presidential and any Statewide office elections only.  Will NOT APPLY to primaries or local elections.


Upcoming Meetings & Events


Governor Council Candidates Forum will be scheduled for our Sept 3rd meeting.  


October Meeting will be scheduled on Saturday October 8th


Old Business:


Committee/Projects & Reports

Heritage Days – Dan Caruso Head of Committee

Requirement—need to register before September 1st. No electrical hook-ups needed


New Business:


Sue Kennedy


Vote Builder for each ward—Training could be arranged.  Diane will fill out Vote Builder form for ward 3 and Dan or Kirk will fill out form for ward 2.  Vote Builder will be expected to be up and running by September 3rd meeting.


Danielle has offered to provide some lawn signs for Hillary at a cost –not sure how much 




Alice proposed that we have a round table discussion on what our democratic values as a group are.  What do we stand for?  There was majority support from the group to do this.


Adjourned meeting at 10:05 am


Minutes prepared by

Debbie Doucette, Secretary


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