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2015-10-03 Monthly Meeting

Saturday, October 3, 2015

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

The Coffee Loft, 406 Lincoln Street, Marlborough, MA 01752

















Draft Minutes





  • Call to order

  • Meeting Format and Rules of Order                              Tony Badman

  • Treasurer's Report (If Available)                                    George LaVenture

  • Minutes of previous meeting (If Available)                     Kirk Hurley

  • Old Business

    • Heritage Festival                                                            Kirk Hurley

    • New MDCC Banner                                                       Kirk Hurley

  • New Business

    • Springfield Convention - Feedback                               Tony Badman

    • Utilization of MDCC mail for Campaign Events             Tony Badman

    • Program for November Meeting                                    Tony Badman

    • Holiday Party                                                                 Tony Badman

    • Membership Growth                                                      Tony Badman

  • Adjourn

These minutes were taken by Barbara P. Allen as Acting Secretary for this meeting only.


Attendees:  Barbara Allen, David Doucette, Joan Gregoire, Danielle Gregoire, Sue Kennedy, Peggy Ayres, Tony Badman, Allison Serrano, Lee Hettinger, Robert Waldron, Alice Wertheimer, Dan Caruso and Barbara Fenby.


  • Call to Order:  Approximately 9:00AM

  • Meeting Format and Rules of Order:  Discussion regarding making meetings more formal.  Robert’s Rules of Order were discussed and distributed.

    • Motion:  To accept Robert’s Rules of Order for meetings.  Proposed by Barbara Allen.  Seconded by Lee Hettinger.  Motion accepted after discussion.

    • Motion:  To make audio recording of meetings to supplement written minutes.  Proposed by Barbara Fenby.  Seconded by Lee Hettinger.  Motion did not pass /declined after discussion.

    • Motion:  To make Dan Caruso parliamentarian.  Proposed by Barbara Allen.  Seconded by Barbara Fenby.  Motion passed.

  • Treasurer’s Report (If Available):  Treasurer not present.  Report not presented.

  • Minutes of Previous Meeting (If Available):  Secretary not present.  Minutes not available.

    • Motion:  To table review of the Minutes from June, August, September and October meetings and Treasurer’s Reports until they are available for next meeting in November.  Proposed by Barbara Allen.  Seconded by Lee Hettinger.  Motion passed.

  • Old Business:

    • Heritage Festival:  It was postponed until Sunday, October 25th.  Unclear if we have a booth and if it was paid for by Kirk.  Sue Kennedy has children’s activity ready and available.  It is unclear if our new banner would be available.  Alice and Lee agreed to volunteer but not chair running the booth.  Barb Allen agreed to contact Kirk and coordinate the booth.

      • Motion:  Barb Allen will chair the booth and coordinate volunteers, rental, banner and activities.  Proposed by Barbara Fenby.  Seconded by Lee Hettinger.  Motion passed.

    • New MDCC Banner:  Status unknown regarding purchase.

  • New Business:

    • Springfield Convention - Feedback:

      • Motion:  To table discussion for next meeting.  Proposed by Danielle Gregoire.  Seconded by Barbara Allen.  Motion passed.  Tony Badman and Sue Kennedy attended convention.

    • Utilization of MDCC email for Campaign Events:  Discussion concerning information passed per MDCC email regarding candidates can be taken as MDCC endorsements.

      • Motion:  Official email only to be used for MDCC business and that all email ongoing be amended with a disclaimer of endorsement for any candidate information.  Proposed by Alice Wertheimer.  Seconded by Dan Caruso.  Motion passed.

    • Program for November Meeting:  November 7th is date for next meeting.  High stakes testing was discussed.  Issue is time sensitive.  Tony Badman and Dan Caruso wanted topic for discussion.  Alice Wertheimer wanted them to provide summary of information and links to MDCC email list.  Tony and Dan stated that interested parties could research topic independently.

      • Motion:  A summary of information with internet links will be prepared by Tony Badman and Dan Caruso to be distributed to member per the MDCC email list.  Proposed by Alice Wertheimer.  Seconded by Barbara Allen.  Motion failed to pass.

    • Holiday Party:  Discussion of upcoming calendar.

      • Motion:  Holiday party will be held on Sunday, December 6th.  Proposed by Dan Caruso.  Seconded by Danielle Gregoire.  Motion passed.

      • Motion:  Location of the Holiday Party will be at "the Clubhouse".  Proposed by Dan Caruso.  Seconded by Dave Doucette.  Motion passed.

      • Motion:  Funding of the Holiday Party will be in the amount of $250.  Donations to MDCC will be requested from attendees.  Proposed by Danielle Gregoire.  Seconded by Dan Caruso.  Motion passed.

    • Membership Growth:  Group discussed ideas to bring more members to the MDCC.  Consider voter registration drives and then develop interest by voters to more involvement.

  • Adjourn:

    • Motion:  To adjourn at approximately 10:50AM.  Proposed by Barbara Allen.  Seconded by Danielle Gregoire.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned.


These minutes are subject to correction and later acceptance by members of the MDCC.

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