About Us

The Marlborough Democratic City Committee is your local arm of the Democratic Party.  Marlborough DCC members also share a common vision aligned with the principles of the Democratic Party and work locally in a variety of ways to support these principles. Membership consists of up to 245 members, up to 35 members for each of our seven wards, and an unlimited number of associate members.


Members must be registered Democrats and residents of Marlborough. The Committee is elected by the public every 4 years in the Democratic Presidential Primary. When vacancies occur, positions may be filled by vote of the Committee. Citizens may also choose to participate as associate members.


Through the volunteer efforts of its members, the Marlborough Democratic City Committee works to support the Democratic political candidates at the regional, state, and national levels by engaging in the following activities:


  • Visibility (sign-holding);

  • Letter writing

  • Phone calling

  • Distributing campaign literature

  • Installing lawn signs

  • Fund raising

  • Organizing caucuses through which Democrat voters in Marlborough elect delegates to the Massachusetts State Democratic Convention

  • Encouraging voter registration and participation in town events

  • Sponsoring candidate events and forums so voters have the opportunity to hear candidates' positions on important issues

  • Holding an Annual Holiday Party in early December

  • Participating in the Middlesex and Worcester Democratic Coalition

  • Bringing speakers to Marlborough to discuss issues of interest to voters

  • Holding regular meetings, usually on the first Saturday of every month


We are chartered by the Massachusetts Democratic Party and our activities are governed by these Bylaws.