City Committee Officers


Vice Chair

Vice Chair



Outreach Coordinator

Tony Badman

Dan Caruso

Barbara Allen

Kirk Hurley

George LaVenture

Rosalind Baker

Ward Chairs

Ward 1:   Michael McGorty

Ward 2:   Daniel Caruso

Ward 3:   George LaVenture

Ward 4:   Tony Badman

Ward 5:   Robert Waldron

Ward 6:   Barbara Fenby

Ward 7:   Lee Hettinger

Alice's Comments: I think that there should at least be an email address for each officer listed, and preferably a phone number. Contact info should be personal and not a business address.


Eventually, if desired, we could set up the officers with email addresses like


For MDCC officers:


For Ward chairs: OR the names, as desired.


The could be forwarded to 


When the officers are changed, there should be a change of password.